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How to fold a gift box?


Folding a gift box can be done in several ways depending on the type of box you have and its design. Here's a general method for folding a simple rectangular gift box:

Prepare your materials: You'll need a piece of sturdy paper or cardstock cut into the shape of a rectangle. Make sure it's large enough to create the size of the box you desire.

Fold along the score lines: If your paper or cardstock has score lines (pre-made creases), fold along these lines first. These lines indicate where the folds should be made to create the box shape.

Fold the sides: Bring the longer sides of the rectangle together to form a tube shape. Make sure the edges align neatly. Use a ruler or your fingers to crease the folds firmly.

Fold the ends: Fold one of the shorter sides inward to form the bottom of the box. Repeat this step with the other shorter side, folding it over the first one to secure the bottom.

Secure the ends: You can use glue, tape, or decorative stickers to secure the folded ends in place. Apply adhesive to the overlapping flaps and press them firmly together to ensure they stick.

Fold the top flaps: If your box has flaps at the top, fold them inward to close the box. Depending on the design, you may need to tuck the flaps inside or outside of the box.

Add embellishments: Once the box is folded and secured, you can add decorative elements such as ribbon, bows, or stickers to enhance its appearance.

Fill the box: Finally, fill the box with your gift items, making sure they fit comfortably inside. Close the top flaps securely if they're not already sealed.

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